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Calculus Jokes #1

A lot of my friends hate calculus.

But anti-derivatives are integral to our education.

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A Random Pile of Calculus Jokes

So, looking for some nerdy math jokes for adults? We know math jokes... we know... the best math jokes. Granted most are simply derivative jokes from other subjects. But don't you dare start cracking math teacher jokes. That will earn you math detention, a form of calculus pun-ishment.

Then again, you may discover that having a good collection of calculus one liners is integral to your success in this course.

This page is a collection of calculus jokes for teachers. Since my expertise is probability and statistics, we also have a soft spot for math jokes about ratios. And don't bug me about the quality of the materials; there's a bunch of differentiation jokes lurking in here somewhere. We tried a few algebra jokes but they didn't add up. Something similar happened with precalc jokes - they were nice but too series-ous (Taylor Series, hah hah)!

If you know any funny math problems jokes, calculus puns, or funny math equations, let us know and we will post them.

More About Mom's Bad Math Jokes!

Stuck trying to find family friendly humor? This site showcases those painful jokes which have been passed down from generation to generation, reliving that cherished moment when dad unleashes a joke that everyone has heard. While hilarious dad jokes have been an anonymous labor of love for generations, they finally started to get the respect they deserve. They are mentioned on National TV. How bout 'dat? We're not just corny math jokes.

In case you didn't know about them, let us talk about Dad Jokes. Things began in in 1987 where newspaper writer first put the term in print. The phrase was first mentioned online in 2003 on a chat board mocking "lame dad jokes" their fathers told . Forgot to fill up the gas tank after you used the car for a date, did we? Dad jokes got a little more respect towards the end of the decade, with shout outs on a TV show and 'How I Met Your Mother'. The term finally became part of the online vocabulary in 2014 after some memes went viral on Facebook.

Handpicked from the Internet and Social Media, here are a collection of funny dad jokes ready for your use. Simply page through the dad jokes list until you find one you like and let it rip. We've even started assembling a few special collections for specific occasions. Need number jokes? We've got a few.

Stuck trying to keep a bus full of teenagers calm? Driving kids to a church picnic? Or even getting ready to host Easter dinner? We've got you covered!

Good Dad Jokes are everywhere. Even Reddit is in the Game. So take a look through our site and get ready to drop some time-honored humor on the younger generation. We've got more than cheap calculus humor.

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My name is Ozymandias, king of kings: Look on my works, ye Mighty, and despair!'